Making a Difference

Battle of the Books

Club Begins: 10/18/23

Advisor: Mrs. McAvoy

Meeting: Wednesday 3 pm

Location: Library

Love to read? Join Battle of the Books for lively discussions and friendly competitions. Members usually read between 1-3 books of the 12 total books used in this program and then form grade level teams of 4-6 members to ensure all 12 books are accounted for during the competition. Several copies of each book will be available for reading at the school library for student check out.  The top two teams in each grade level will compete in a District competition against the other Edison Middle Schools and the top 7th & 8th grade teams will also compete in the State competition. This is a “low pressure” competition. Teams take turns answering questions, no buzzers. Boost your reading confidence by joining Battle of the Books!