Making a Difference

Math Club

Club Begins: 10/12/23

Advisor:  Ms. Coppola

Meetings: Thursday - 3 pm

Location:  Rm. 204

Do you need a quiet place to complete your math HW? Do you need some help completing that math HW? Were you a little confused with what you are doing in class and need some clarification so you can be successful with your work? Do you want some time and support to complete extra practice your teacher has shared? Then Math Club is perfect for you!

Every Thursday afternoon, Ms. Coppola will be in Room 204 to provide you with help on your math HW, whether it is the HW due the next day, or HW you had trouble with earlier in the week.

Please be sure to come prepared with your math HW (and other HW in case you finish early) and your math notebook/binder so you can get as much support as possible!