Making a Difference

Student Council

Welcome to Student Council! 

*REVISED 10-19-2020*

6th Grade Student Council

Begins: 11/11/2020

Advisor: Mrs. Kupferberg

Meeting Day(s): Wednesday/3PM


7th Grade Student Council

Begins: 11/5/2020

Advisor: Ms. Durham

Meeting Day(s): Wednesday/3PM


8th Grade Student Council

Begins: 11/4/2020

Advisor: Mrs. Savage

Meeting Day(s): Wednesday/3PM


Student Council is a unique, collaborative group of students who care about others and want to have an important leadership role in their school.  Our general meeting day is WEDNESDAY after school.  

What WE will do:

- Prepare and plan for school activities

- Create and help run fundraisers

-Identify areas in need of improvement in our school and advocate for positive change

-Seek opportunities to build community between Hoover and the Edison community.

We are looking for students who:

- Demonstrate leadership qualities and work well with others.

- Will be available to come in before/after school at times for Student Council activities.

-Attend meetings, participate in committee work, and attend Student Council sponsored activities

-Meet academic and behavioral standards in your classes

-Check the Student Council classroom and your email to know when and where meetings are scheduled

- Possess the desire to make HHMS a better place!!

Meeting RULES:

*No cell phones

*No leaving the meeting area without permission

*You must report to the meeting  by 3:10

*Be respectful and mindful of everyone at the meeting

*If you do NOT attend meetings and participate in committees, you will not be invited to the end of the year celebration