Making a Difference

Wingman Club

Club Starts: 10/20/21

Advisor: Mrs. Burczichelli & Mrs. Savage

Meeting Day: Wednesday 7:45 am

Location: Rm. 116

A Wingman Ambassador is: 

- Someone who looks out for you and helps you along the way

- Someone you can count on

- Friendly

- Energetic

- Caring/Kind 

The Wingman club pairs with sixth grade classes to create an inclusive and positive environment in the classrooms. The ambassadors are the Wingman "champions" for the students as a buddy to rely on, someone to look up to and to know that someone at Hoover is always there for them. Throughout the year, ambassadors implement team building activities to build a community that cares about the person next to them regardless of age, race or beliefs...where kids are really looking out for each other!