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1. Schoology

This is a great tool that is formatted very similiar to Facebook.  Teachers can start discussions, give online tests/quizzes, post homework, give information need for class and more!  Everything is organized based on the course being taught and it is very safe and secure.  This is an awesome alternative to Edmodo or Moodle and basically takes all the best features and puts them into one place that is simple to use.  Anyone who is familiar with Facebook will be familiar with this.

2. Glogster


This is a great tool for students to use for many different projects.  The educator version is awesome because it is easy to keep track of all student work in one place and gives the teacher more control over safety and much more.  This can be used for research, organizing ideas, websites, and much much more.  My students absolutely love using this in English class and I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a simple tool that students can explore and do great things with.


3. 21’st Century Learner E-Book Creation (@mbteach session)


A great opportunity to be a part of something great.  Here we discussed and created materials to assist teachers in understanding what a 21st Century learner really is.  You still have the chance to make your contribution as well.  Mary Beth (@mbteach) has put together a google doc in slide format that you can add to as well as a stixy board to post your thoughts.  Some great collaboration here so feel free to check it out.


4. Ipodsibilities Blog (@iPodsibilities) 


This was a great presentation that geared toward many apps that could be used in Special Education and beyond.  The resources and presentation can be seen here if you missed the chance to see it in person.  If you are looking for many resources and links please go to this blog. It will be extremely helpful!


5. Creating Better Research


This is a great collection of resources put together by Kyle Pace (@kylepace) regarding research.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to see Kyle this weekend but the page that he has put together is just outstanding!


6. Global Classroom/Projects (By Shelly Terrell @shellterrell)


Shelly did an outstanding job presenting on how to effectively connect education globally.  There are many tools and resources that can assist in this effort, as well as terrific examples of how it is already done in many areas.  Shelly has put together an outstanding WIKI with all the resources and tools you need to have an effective global classroom.  Take a look at the wiki for some ideas for your next global project.


7. Podcasting and Webcasting 


This session concentrated on two main websites to use as well as using Audacity.  The first site ( allows teachers to sign up for free.  They then give you a telephone number that the students call in to answer questions or create podcasts with.  The podcasts are then sent to your email and saved in a podcast format.  Very simple and very practical.  The second part concentrated on where to store or display the podcasts.  Podomatic was the site that we talked about and it seems like it would be a great site for teachers to use.


8. 10 Web Tools that make your Classroom Rock!


This session concentrated on some great tools to use in the classroom.  Each tool is designed to assist on the learning process and can really get students involved in their own learning.  The presenter did a great job of creating this site to layout the tools in an easily navigation format.  Check it out for some great ideas.


Over 1,100 More Awesome Web Tools on


9.  Living and Learning with Ipads


This is a great wiki demonstrating the many uses of the Ipad in the classroom.  If you are looking for a place filled with resources for just about anything educationally linked to Ipad, this would be a great place to start!  

The presentation from TSETC is here.


10.  Google Sites and other apps in education By Keith Devereaux (@keith_devereaux)


The link below brings you to a page where you can download a handout that will help get you started with the basics for google sites and other google apps.


11. Links from eduTecher:


12. Links from Erica Hartman:


13. AssistiveTek Blog- resources on assistive  and educational technology. Reviews of various software applications for students with special needs. Here is what I covered in my session. Feel free to contact me at


14. Digital Storytelling -Samantha Morra @sammorra


15. Transforming an Educational Experience Social Media - William Stites (Twitter:


See how The Montclair Kimberley Academy used social media to transform their Irish Studies program through the use of social media and how that had a cascading effect on the entire school.


16.  Good overview of many resources and presentations from TSETC


          - Click Here: A lot of video and presentation materials documented


17. Awesome Page from Rich Kiker that was used with his presentation on 1:1 computing.  Great Job Rich!  You can find him on twitter at @rkiker.


        Rich’s Presentation Resources


18. Collection of Software for Teaching English (Free to download)

I was somewhat surprised to see that EnglishTips is not listed here because I have been using almost only Englishtips for so many years and I have improved my teaching in the classroom as well as online. There are so many books about the kind of language that you should use to effectively deliver presentations online, there are so many coursebooks with engaging activities for teaching online and ideas for teaching, assessing, classroom management and the same reflective approach can be applied online. Furthermore, there’s really a wealth of materials and a whole collection of software from Macmillan, CuttingEdge, Headaway, Longman, Oxford and other world-renown publishing houses. *My Fb.


19. Wallwisher - Well, this tool is so easy to use but the best part of it is that teachers have brainstormed so many inspiring ideas of its possible use in teaching EFL. Here are some of them, I am sure you can think of even more:


20. BBC Documentaries on English Language and British History and Culture

When I discovered this channel I immediately perceived that its videos are perfect for teaching English online. Namely, teachers do know that best students’ books come with DVD videos and teacher’s handbooks where one finds BEFORE YOU WATCH, WHILE YOU WATCH and AFTER YOU WATCH activities. Well, this Youtube channel has sliced, short videos and teachers only need to develop DISCUSSION questions. *My Fb.


21. Recorded Valuable Webinars For Teachers

Of course, before we use resources for teaching we should go through case studies of how virtual classrooms have been best used for effective teaching. I have made a list of recorded webinars where teachers who use Adobe Connect Pro to teach online may learn a lot of tricks of how best to use this wonderful tool. However, I have recently been invited to a session on Adobe Connect Pro version 8.0 Beta and the layout is radically different but better. *My Fb.


22. Movies, Series, Docs - Another blog with a wealth of information and downloadable documentaries that can help you better develop your resources.