Making a Difference

Sample Edmodo Introduction Letter


Directions for signing up for teacher’s class website on Edmodo


1. Write down the group code for your specific class period.


2. When you get home or to a computer, go to


3. There are choices to sign up as a student, parent, or teacher. Choose the student option.


4. Once you have clicked the student option, the following fields will come up. I will have


provided you with this group code (each period has their own).


a. Group Code: ____________


b. First Name


c. Last Name


d. Username


e. Email (optional)


f. Password


Fill in each of these fields appropriately. Your username may be anything you want, but


you need to be able to remember it, and it needs to be appropriate for a school environment. You


MUST accurately fill out the first and last name fields so that I can confirm who has and has not


signed up for my Edmodo page. This will be your first homework assignment.


Throughout the year, I will use these Edmodo class websites to post important documents


you may need for class, reminders about homework assignments, quizzes, and tests, as well


as answer keys to select homework assignments and review sheets. Every student in my class


MUST register with my website on Edmodo.




Directions for signing up (as a parent) for teachers’s class website on Edmodo


1.) Obtain the unique 6-digit Parent Code from your child’s account (Note: this is not the same


as your child’s Group Code).


• Each child has a different Parent Code. Find your child’s unique Parent Code in these




• Have your child log into his/her Student Account and scroll down on the


homepage. The Parent Code is located at the bottom of the left panel.


• If you can’t find this parent code, you can email me at and I can provide you with your unique parent




2.) Go to on a web browser.


3.) Click the “I’m a Parent” button, and fill in the required information.


Signing up for a parent account on Edmodo will allow you to view all of the postings,


assignments, and announcements that I put on Edmodo as we progress through the school year.


This will allow you to keep up with what is going on in class, and to know when tests, quizzes,


or other important assignment-related deadlines are coming up for your child.