Making a Difference

Using Your Promethean Board

An Introduction to ActivInspire

In this tutorial you'll learn the basics of ActivInspire, the interactive whiteboard software from Promethean. You'll learn how to setup a new flipchart, add, edit and format text, as well as how to use the pen tool to add annotations and highlighting. Finally you'll learn how to manage the pages of a flipchart file, so you can change their order to suit your lesson.

If you have never used ActivInspire before, this is a great place to start.


Welcome to ActivTips! Here you'll find short video tutorials on how to complete a variety of functions in ActivInspire, from creating containers to working with Magic Ink.

Watch the ActivTips video here, or download it to your iPod by subscribing to our podcast. After the video, be sure to download the associated flipchart so you can practice your newly acquired skills.

Simply do a keyword search for ActivTips in the Resources section and you'll see a listing of all the ActivTips flipcharts available for free download. Download your flipchart, and you've got a handy supplement to your video!