Making a Difference


Welcome To The Herbert Hoover Middle School Counseling Department!

We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive support for all students. Our goal is to address not only our students' educational needs, but the emotional needs as well. By working collaboratively with our students, their teachers, and their parents we believe that our students are positively supported during their time in middle school, and well prepared for their journey into high school. We are looking forward to the 2022-2023 school year and helping our students achieve success.

Our Herbert Hoover Counseling Team:

Ms. Diane Bruno, Counseling Secretary

732-452-2940 x 31005

Ms. Stephanie Gallo, Grade 6 Counselor

732-452-2940 x 31012

Ms. Laura Williams, Grade 7 Counselor

732-452-2940 x 31006

Ms. Jordan Smothers, Grade 8 Counselor

732-452-2940 x 31007


A student may request an appointment with his/her counselor through the secretary in the Counseling Office.