Making a Difference


Herbert Hoover Middle School

Communication Procedures for Parents

“How do I communicate with my child’s teacher?”


If a parent/guardian has a concern with one class, please complete the steps below:

1.    Logon to the parent portal.  You can email each teacher directly from the current schedule.

2.    Call the main office and leave a message for the teacher (instruction cannot be interrupted).

3.    The teacher will respond to phone message/email within 48 hours.

4.    At the time of the conversation, the parent/guardian should discuss questions, concerns, etc.

5.     If necessary, the teacher/parent can arrange a conference for a mutually convenient time.

If a parent/guardian has a concern with more than one class, please complete the steps below:

     1.  Call the guidance office and ask to speak to the child’s school counselor.

     2.  The school counselor will arrange a meeting during “team time” – a time
           when grade level teachers can meet with the parent/guardian, school counselor,
           and student to discuss concerns.

     3. Team meeting times take place during the school day (during the 
          grade level elective or phys. ed. period).
          It will take a few days for the counselor to arrange the meeting
          with the parents and the team.