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Middle School can be a confusing time for parents as well as their kids. Your child is becoming more independent, yet still needs your support as much as ever. As your child's independence increases, it is important to stay involved. Here are some tips for remaining a part of your child's middle school experience.

  1. Have students use their agenda and check it at home each night. Students will be moving from class to class and this is the best way for you as a parent to know what is going on in classes.
  2. Check homework. Getting homework completed is great, but getting it done correctly is the key to your child's understanding of course material. Checking work each night helps to build upon concepts taught in class.
  3. Designate a study area. Studies have shown that students who sit down and do homework and study in the same place are more likely to complete homework and do better in school.
  4. Create a study kit. Have handy a kit filled with loose leaf paper, pencils, rulers, erasers, glue stick, and scissors to ease with homework at home.
  5. Create a contact list of teachers' email addresses. If you have questions, email is a great way to contact teachers.

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