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Mobile Device Insurance Information

Student Device Insurance Information 


The Edison Township School District has chosen the Worth Ave. Group as the vendor of choice to insure school-based devices provided to students and faculty. Insurance with the Worth Ave. Group will protect the device against an assortment of damages. This insurance policy will provide full replacement cost coverage and will protect the item on and off school grounds. In addition, this policy is also transferable to a replacement device. 

Before you get started with your policy coverage, be sure to have the following information related to your student and the device available.

NOTE: You are not required to have both the Device Serial Number and BOE Asset Tag Number to purchase insurance coverage. As long as you have either number you will be able to purchase insurance coverage. 

     1. School Name

     2. Student Name

     3. Student ID #

     4. Device Serial Number  

   5. BOE Asset Tag Number 

Now select your child's school from the dropdown below and click submit. Click on the school link when it appears. Please remember, you will have to complete this process for each student's device that you plan on insuring.