Making a Difference




Please CLICK HERE to view a video on the upcoming Overcrowding Referendum


Please CLICK HERE for the online stream on Channel 118


Please CLICK HERE to watch the Special Board of Education Meeting from November 11, 2019


Please CLICK HERE to watch the Combined October Board of Education Meeting. 


Please CLICK HERE to watch a short video on Play Unified Team's Turkey Plunge in Asbury Park


Please CLICK HERE to watch a short video on the opening of the J.P. Stevens Farmstand  


Please CLICK HERE to watch a recap of Halloween in Edison 2019


Please CLICK HERE to watch a recap of 54 year employee Evelyn Kiss' 99th birthday


Please CLICK HERE to watch a Musical Tribute to our Staff.


CLICK HERE to watch a quick recap of the EHS v JP Football Game from Sepember 6, 2019


CLICK HERE to watch a Back to School Photo Montage  


          *Program schedule subject to change.


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