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In English class, students are reviewing the components of a story including the point of view, character analysis, setting and author’s writing style through the novel “Schooled” by Gordon Korman. The writing focus of this marking period is the narrative writing task as students continue a fictional story using the elements of plot and key components of narration to develop the story. Every 2-3 weeks students are introduced to a new vocabulary unit that they will engage with on numerous classwork and homework assignments to grasp a better understanding of the words. In addition, students have been exposed to multiple AVID strategies to develop their organization and learning styles to interact with and to comprehend  the text including marking the text strategies, developing leveled questions as well as engaging in philosophical chairs activities. Students often engage in collaborative assignments with their tablemates to develop speaking and listening skills as well as holding students accountable for their work and contribution to group activities. I am looking forward to a successful school year with your child!  


Please see my Google Site for tips on writing, sample writing pieces as well as updates and images from our class throughout the school year.






End of the marking period reminders!


Unit 3 Topics:

Multiplying & Dividing Integers

Multiplying Rational Numbers

Dividing Rational Numbers

Order of Operations


Marking Period One ends on November 14...






This year in social studies class, the students will be examining the 6 themes of history (geography, government/politics, culture, belief systems, science/technology, and economics) through the lense of multiple units of study throughout late antiquity and the Medieval/Middle Ages time periods. The students will work on improving their skills in reading, writing, developing solid claims supported by evidence and reasoning, as well as understanding their own role as both a citizen of the United States and as a global citizen. The students will have many opportunities to collaborate with peers as well as develop their own personal thoughts and beliefs on various world history topics. Students are encouraged to work on speaking and listening skills and sharing a mutual respect for opinions in the classroom. Finally, students will continue to have many opportunities to work with technology and further their understanding of Digital Citizenship.


At the moment, the students have been studying Ancient Rome - one of the biggest units of the school year. They have examined the geography of Rome as a Mediterranean power, studied the birth of the Roman Republic and how it relates to the United States government today, the rise of Julius Caesar and the beginning of the Roman Empire. They will finish the unit by covering the achievements of the Roman Empire and the Fall of Rome before moving on to world religions and eventually Arabian Empires of the Middle East. 


Students are expected to bring their Chromebooks to class each day as well as have a folder and notebook on hand at all times. Organization is promoted and is key toward having a successful school year. Please check our Google Classroom for updates on students’ assignments and feel free to reach out with any concerns. I am looking forward to a successful, productive, and fun year working with the students! 




The students in science class have been immersed in an atmosphere of learning and increased potential.  Students have been challenged to meet classroom expectations in their quest for success, and many have realized that attention and focus are necessary to achieve personal goals.  Following rules and regulations of the classroom and laboratory safety, the curriculum has focused on the scientific process, characteristics of living things, and magnification/ cell theory.  Within each designated topic (phenomenon) students use multiple learning strategies to absorb information, articulate expectations, collaborate with fellow students, and retain knowledge. Expect student notes, teacher notes, classroom laboratory investigations, group collaboration, quizzes to check for understanding, and tests to evaluate knowledge as we approach each topic throughout the year.


As marking period one concludes, students will be learning the parts of a cell, their structure and functions, how materials travel across membranes of the cell, and the organization of body systems.  The projects and labs ahead will all have an allotment of time within the classroom to begin/ ask questions/ work together… but there is also an expectation of completion outside of the classroom to solidify their final products.


Please utilize the class website: where information is posted daily for class agendas and homework responsibilities, and a calendar promotes a visual representation of the weeks ahead for planning and perspective.  Students should have the class website as a tab or bookmark on their chromebooks… the link is provided in the original information provided to all students when school started in September.


Thank you for your participation in the education of your child… as they mature each day to become better learners of tomorrow...


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School Supply Starter List:

1 1/2 inch binder with clear cover

Index Tab Dividers

Pencil Pouch of 12

Blue Pens

Green Pens

Highlighters (Multiple colors)

5 Composition Books



Additional Information

Bring Supplies on the 2nd day of school. Not all supplies are required at the start of school.

Please do not purchase a rolling book bag for your child.  They DO NOT fit in the lockers. 

Students will be provided TWO combination locks for use during the school year: ONE for their hall locker and ONE for their gym locker.  These locks must be returned in June. A $5 fee will be assessed for lost locks.

Students DO NOT need to bring clothes for gym on the first day.  Their teachers will tell them what to bring and when it is needed.


It is highly recommended that a messenger bag be purchased to carry the student’s Chromebook and supplies from class to class. 

Students are not permitted to carry backpacks on their backs during the school day;

however, over the shoulder messenger bags or computer bags are permitted and recommended.