Making a Difference



Please click link below to access 6th Grade Google  Site. Information includes classroom and student resources.

School Supply Starter List:

1 1/2 inch binder with clear cover

Index Tab Dividers

Pencil Pouch of 12

Blue Pens

Green Pens

Highlighters (Multiple colors)

5 Composition Books


Additional Information

  • Students should only bring information they received at orientation, a folder, and something to write with.

    Bring Supplies on the 2nd day of school. Not all supplies are required at the start of school.

    Please do not purchase a rolling book bag for your child.  They DO NOT fit in the lockers. 

    Students will be provided TWO combination locks for use during the school year: ONE for their hall locker and ONE for their gym locker.  These locks must be returned in June. A $5 fee will be assessed for lost locks.

    Students DO NOT need to bring clothes for gym on the first day.  Their teachers will tell them what to bring and when it is needed.